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Raid 10: 24th September 1942

May 27, 2015



Air Raid Damage, 24th Sept. 1942 Report on Raid

Warnings received were:-

No. 821 – 01.10 hours Purple, 01.07 Observer alert.

01.20 hours Red. 01.37 Observer release.

01.46 White.

Areas affected – Guildhall Ward. Heworth Ward. Monk Ward and Walmgate Ward.

At 01.08 hours an enemy plane approached the City and dropped flares two of which fell on post H.7. area – one in the field at the end of Woodlands Grove and one in a potato patch next to No. 48 Westlands Grove.

Almost immediately afterwards two A.B.B containers each containing 120 I.B.’s fell on the Groves District and incendiaries were scattered over a wide area.

The plane returned and more explosions were heard in the Heworth and Walmgate areas. Four types of I.B.’s were used, Steel nosed, Explosive type (small charge) and ordinary 1 Kg. Type, together with 50Kg. Sprengbrand (fireport I.B.)

A good concentration of the smaller type fell in St. John Street, Groves, and almost every other house had an incident, in many cases some houses received two bombs, and in one case three bombs, and another four. All these were quickly dealt with by Wardens and Fireguards and no serious damage was caused. Incendiaries entered a shop in Lord Mayor’s Walk and one fell undetected on St. Maurice’s Church and burnt out without causing damage.

In St. Maurice’s Road a liberal shower of bombs fell, eight of which fell on the County Hospital Committee premises and were dalt with by the Fire Guards and Staff, a further 20 fell in the Hospital grounds but caused no damage. Aldwark also received a concentration and 8 bombs fell on and around the Fire Guard Depot at No. 26. These were dealt with by the Staff. Messrs Hunts Brewery premises had approximately 23 on and around the buildings and the garage caught fire and the N.F.S. had to be sent for. No serious damage was caused by the fire being confined to the Garage buildings. Several other bombs fell on the residential property in Aldwark and one casualty was caused to an elderly man who died from shock at No. 32. after the upper room of his house caught fire.

Three bombs fell on the Blue Coat School Premises and were effectively extinguished by the Master and Senior boys. No fire was caused.

Goodramgate, Bedern, St. Andrewgate and St. Saviourgate also reported many I.B.’s but no reports of fire resulted and all the bombs were effectively dealt with by Fire Guards and Wardens before damage was caused.

In Hungate the A.R.P. Stores caught fire and the building was burnt out. Evidence of 12 bombs were found in the case and also one unignited. The report from the explosive type found also on the premises led to the assumption of a Sprengbrand in this case.

Twelve fires resulted from this incendiary attack and were speedily tackled by the N.F.S.

Casualties. 1 died from shock.

5 minor injuries.

Bombs. 14 U.X.B. including some 50kg.

5 H.E. exploded.

Many incendiaries.

Google Map of Locations bombed on 24th September 1942


Key to symbols:

High Explosive High Explosive
Incendiary Device Incendiary
Unexploded Bomb Unexploded Bomb (U.X.B)
Casualties Casualties

Raid 9: 2nd August 1942

November 7, 2009



Air Raid Damage, 2nd Aug. 1942 Report on Raid

I have to report that on Sunday, 2nd Aug. a lone raider, flying low, dropped 4 bombs on the city at 16.36 hours.

The Observer Alarm was received at 16.32 hours and the siren sounded at 16.40 hours.

Two bombs exploded in the vicinity of 26 Skeldergate and Albert St. Walmgate respectively and approximately 400 properties were damaged in varying degree.

Unexploded bombs fell at Buckingham Works, Buckingham St. and at the foot of the steps to Clifford Tower. These have been dealt with by the Bomb Disposal Squads.

The services required were quickly in action and casualties promptly attended to.


1 male. N.F.S.

Seriously injured.

2 males.
7 females.

Slightly injured.

13 males.
13 females.
10 children.

(Signed) G.H. Hunt.
A.R.P. Officer.



Air Raid Damage, 2nd Aug. 1942 Report on Raid

Warnings received were:-

No. 801 – 16.45 hrs. Red to 16.50 hrs. White. (No purple message or Observer).

Areas affected – Guildhall – Post G.3.

Castlegate. – Post C.3.

At 16.40 hours four H.E. Bomb explosions were heard and damage was reported at Skeldergate and Albert St. U.X.B’s were also reported at Cookes Works in Bishophill and Castle Grounds, Clifford St.

Abnormal blast damage was caused by the bomb in Skeldergate extending from Micklegate to Coney St. and High Ousegate. Two slight casualties taken to post G.3. for treatment, and one fatal casualty, in the N.F.S. River Patrol boat.

No casualties reported from the Incident in Albert Street.

Google Map of Raid 9 (2nd August 1942):

Key to symbols:

High Explosive High Explosive
Incendiary Device Incendiary
Unexploded Bomb Unexploded Bomb (U.X.B)
Casualties Casualties

York Air Raids in World War II

January 10, 2009

The entries in this blog are a copy of a document in the York City Library which appears to have been prepared at the end of World War II as a record of the activities of the Civil Defence services in the city during the years 1940 – 1945.

The city of York suffered it’s heaviest raid as part of the so-called “Baedeker Raids” on 29th April 1942.