Raid 9: 2nd August 1942



Air Raid Damage, 2nd Aug. 1942 Report on Raid

I have to report that on Sunday, 2nd Aug. a lone raider, flying low, dropped 4 bombs on the city at 16.36 hours.

The Observer Alarm was received at 16.32 hours and the siren sounded at 16.40 hours.

Two bombs exploded in the vicinity of 26 Skeldergate and Albert St. Walmgate respectively and approximately 400 properties were damaged in varying degree.

Unexploded bombs fell at Buckingham Works, Buckingham St. and at the foot of the steps to Clifford Tower. These have been dealt with by the Bomb Disposal Squads.

The services required were quickly in action and casualties promptly attended to.


1 male. N.F.S.

Seriously injured.

2 males.
7 females.

Slightly injured.

13 males.
13 females.
10 children.

(Signed) G.H. Hunt.
A.R.P. Officer.



Air Raid Damage, 2nd Aug. 1942 Report on Raid

Warnings received were:-

No. 801 – 16.45 hrs. Red to 16.50 hrs. White. (No purple message or Observer).

Areas affected – Guildhall – Post G.3.

Castlegate. – Post C.3.

At 16.40 hours four H.E. Bomb explosions were heard and damage was reported at Skeldergate and Albert St. U.X.B’s were also reported at Cookes Works in Bishophill and Castle Grounds, Clifford St.

Abnormal blast damage was caused by the bomb in Skeldergate extending from Micklegate to Coney St. and High Ousegate. Two slight casualties taken to post G.3. for treatment, and one fatal casualty, in the N.F.S. River Patrol boat.

No casualties reported from the Incident in Albert Street.

Google Map of Raid 9 (2nd August 1942):

Key to symbols:

High Explosive High Explosive
Incendiary Device Incendiary
Unexploded Bomb Unexploded Bomb (U.X.B)
Casualties Casualties

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