Raid 7: 3rd April 1941


Civil Defence.

Enemy Action – 3rd April 1941.

At 21.35 hours on the 3rd April 1941 the “Alert” warning was sounded and at 21.50 hours a flare and the light of many Incendiaries was seen in the Boroughbridge Road and Clifton Ings District (which was under water owing to floods).

Reports of this occurrence were received from Posts J.1., A.3., and A.4. The A.F.S. Service was advised and two units were despatched to the Sugar Beet Factory, Boroughbridge Road, and Ainsty Building Estate. No fire was found.

The Incendiary Bombs (16) which fell within the premises of the Sugar Beet Factory were dealt with by the Home Guard on duty there, only three of these having entered the buildings.

A large number of Incendiary Bombs from the same salvo fell in a line extending from the Sugar Beet Factory across the river into Clifton Ings and the North Riding Mental Hospital, where again many were dealt with by the Hospital A.R.P. Staff.

A small percentage of explosive incendiaries were detected but no casualties or damage resulted therefrom.

At 21.59 hours a report was received from Post A.4. of one H.E. bomb falling in a field behind Sherwood Grove. This bomb fell on soft ground and no damage was caused. This incident was in the West Riding Area and no action was taken by York Wardens other than reporting the matter.

Operations on 3rd April 1941

A few Incendiary Bombs and one High Explosive fell in the City at approximately 21.55 hours.

The following messages were sent to the North Eastern Regional Officer by telephone.

1. YK. 37

Time first bomb dropped 21.55. Incendiary only. time of origin 22.04 hours

2. YK. 38

Further to YK 37 Incendiaries and one High Explosive only reported. No Damage. time of origin of message 22.45 hours.

Google Map of Locations bomed on 3rd April 1941:

Key to symbols:

High Explosive High Explosive
Incendiary Device Incendiary
Unexploded Bomb Unexploded Bomb (U.X.B)
Casualties Casualties

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